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Maple Zhou
‘Keep Improving, Keep Adding Value’

After graduating from Uni, Maple joined Rucker as a graduate accountant.  She hit the ground running from the beginning and has accelerated her pace since.

Why Rucker?

Aiming to provide excellent service to clients, Maple chose a firm that shares the same values.  Maple says that Rucker is such a boutique firm which specialises in providing superior customer serice and therefore became the perfect choice.  Rucker also cares for its people as it offers all-round training to a graduate.  Maple enjoys her role at Rucker and is fully engaged within this stimulating environment.

What Does a typical day look like?

A busy day starts with checking emails.  Thorough planning then comes in place, before she commences her tasks.  Her job usually involves reviewing tax documents, preparing accounts and tax returns for individuals, companies and trusts.

What’s most rewarding about your job?

Practice makes perfect.  I am exposed to invaluable experience while working at Rucker, where I can put theories into practice.  It lays a solid foundation for my career in Chartered Accountancy.

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