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Self Managed Super Funds

Are you tired of paying others to manage your superannuation funds?

Many people have been disenchanted with the performance and fees charged by institutionally managed funds. The alternative of running their own fund with appropriate professional assistance are known as Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs).

We can help you manage your own fund. Rucker qualified accountants specialise in this area and look after the many funds administered in our office.

All SMSFs need to be audited, and we can also do the audit of your fund. The exception is where we also advise on investments and strategy through our financial planning division.

One advantage in running your own SMSF is that you are in control

  • You choose how your assets are invested
  • You modify them as you see fit
  • You can monitor their performance.
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Did you know that now a SMSF can borrow for the purpose of acquiring property?

The Taxation Office is the body which oversees the operation of SMSFs and the rules often change. Our job is to keep up with these changes, keep you informed of the ones which impact you, and ensure that your fund continues to comply with the quite onerous rules.

Rucker Financial provides you with a complete service. This means we will always ensure that you have a binding death benefit schedule etc. Not all SMSF providers complete these necessary extras.

Super funds enjoy favourable tax rates and benefits.

With planning, sometimes it is possible to eliminate tax within the fund altogether.

Almost anyone under the age of 75, employed or self-employed, for more than 10 hours per week can run their own fund.
This includes:

  • Self employed
  • An employee
  • Director of a private company
  • Retired and receiving a pension.

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Understand the facts – ask for your SMSF fact sheet

We will also give you a guide as to the cost of establishing your own fund, and the ongoing annual maintenance. Speak to us and see how a self-managed superannuation fund could help you to a better lifestyle and retirement!

Superannuation audit

Each superannuation fund requires an annual audit. This requirement forms part of Australia’s complex superannuation laws. Superannuation audits cannot be completed by the policy holder. A Rucker Financial superannuation expert will organize to have your audit completed for you.

Each fund must be audited – not all accounting firms are equipped to do this. A Rucker SMSF means you do not need to organise an audit yourself. This saves you time, expense and provides additional peace of mind.

Does this sound easier to you?

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