Do You Want a Better Income Return than Bank Deposits, but Without the Risk of the Sharemarket?

With declining interest returns on term deposits (barely keeping up with inflation), savers and investors who are more conservative have limited investment choice. The following mini e-book will explain how high quality bond funds in bluechip companies and institutions can help boost your portfolio return, while being traditionally safer than the volatility of the sharemarket. Read More

As Good as Gold – a 5,000 year history of sound money

Studies have shown that investment wealth is most often built by allocating your money across diversified assets (like property, shares, cash, bonds and other alternatives). The idea is that if one market underperforms, some other market(s) will outperform, thus compensating and smoothing the fluctuations over time. That way you can sleep easier and watch your money grow. An often overlooked asset class which helps in portfolio risk management are alternatives – and more specifically, precious metals.

Some clients have asked us about the use of gold. This mini e-book explains why gold has been considered ‘the money of kings’ for the past 5,000 years. It is merely an educational piece to inform you. We are not gold dealers so we do not buy or sell physical gold or offer any advice as to physical metal. We can, however, advise on securities related to gold – including managed funds which have exposure to gold. Read More

Property Tax Deductions Positive and Negative Cashflow Property Examples

Read More

This presentation was based on a seminar held in June 2014 explaining tax deductions on investment property, plus working through examples of positive and negative cashflow properties.

Attached is a Fact Sheet outlining the most common tax deductions for investment property.

Owning Property in a SMSF

This presentation used some of the material from our June 2014 seminar, with fresh information about how to own property in a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF).  Read More

Five strategies for income and safety in uncertain markets

This seminar was held in March 2015, and discusses strategies to improve income returns and the safety of your investments, particular in the volatile, uncertain markets we’re experiencing today.  Read More

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