Personal Super

Do you want to plan the best way to grow your Superannuation?

How has your super fund weathered the financial markets? Talk to us about the best options for building your retirement nest egg. We take into account how comfortable you are with risk and return, your age and long term goals for retirement and tailor a financial plan to suit you.

A Rucker superannuation expert will meet and discuss your situation. This will enable an accurate comparison of options from a number of leading superannuation providers. The result? A superannuation fund that works best with you.

Superannuation for those too busy to take the plunge

Many people over the age of 40 begin to seriously think about how they will survive financially at retirement. It’s not too late to plan for this.  Why invest in superannuation?  You receive flexibility within a tax effective environment.

Existing superannuation

Did you know that if you’re over 55, you can being taking a pension from your super fund? We can help you structure this in such a way that you can reduce your tax and improve your cashflow. We’ll also keep you up to date with the latest changes to super laws and how funds are performing in the market.

One call to Rucker Financial can set you on an easier superannuation path

Your Rucker Financial superannuation expert is independent of major superannuation providers. This means you will be presented with a range of superannuation options that best suits your needs, and not the needs of a sales agent. You will not be directed into one pre-packaged solution.

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