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Financial Planning Services

Is your financial planner also an expert in taxation?

If not contact Rucker Financial Services now. Our financial planners have been tax advisors for over 10 years and are also experienced and experts in dealing with your taxation affairs. Most financial planners don’t have a taxation background and never dealt with complex taxation matters.

Our happy clients continue to tell us that they enjoy having one person looking after their financial planning, tax and accounting needs. Here’s why:

  • One contact means you save time. No filling out duplicate forms, answering the same questions or explaining your question to a number of consultants.
  • By looking after your entire financial well-being, you know who to contact for solutions. You’re not transferred around the building, left on hold or guessing answers.
  • With easy access to your information, we understand your story.
  • You’re not going to receive calls trying to sell you new products!

When the Rucker team manages your overall portfolio, you receive regular reviews of your situation and how this may affect your circumstances. This means you are kept informed of changes in the market that affect plans created for you. This integrated approach ensures that you have a relationship with your Rucker financial planner and are not simply a number.

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Whatever your stage of life, we can help you

Wealth protection insurance for your family and business

Insuring your car, home or other possessions makes sense. So why do so few of us insure ourselves? If illness or injury stopped you from working for an extended period, could you keep paying your bills?

Retirement planning, social security and aged care advice

We help you prepare for retirement. This includes setting up plans so you have an income stream in retirement that meets your living needs. We also advise if you qualify for additional social security benefits.

Portfolio management

Regular reviews means you remain updated with changes to law or in the markets.

Investment advice

We help you invest in assets that suit your comfort level, including bank deposits, fixed interest, cash, listed property and shares.

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Which is right for you: Managed Fund or Self Managed Fund (SMSF)? We’ll compare for you. Make your super simple today!

Home loans and commercial loans

The easy way to receive an alternative quote to your bank? We provide your information to a nationwide network of lenders (including the major banks), to obtain competitive quotes that we compare.

Leasing and equipment finance

Various forms of finance are available, including novated leasing, chattel mortgage, hire purchase.  Sound confusing – speak with Rucker Financial first for an easy to understand explanation and quote.

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