Victorian Long Service Leave

The new Long Service Leave Act 2018 (LSL Act 2018) commences operation on 1st November 2018. It replaces the Long Service Leave Ac t1992, following legislative review and broad industry and community consultation. The LSL Act 2018 brings long service leave into line with community standards, is easier to understand and is fairer and more […]

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Xero New Navigation

You may have heard that from the end of November, Xero will be improving the Xero navigation bar so we can all easily find the tools and information we use most often. The improvements are based on research and testing with hundreds of people, including accountants, bookkeepers, current small business users, and some users brand […]

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Why Profit Is Different From Turnover

The major purpose of most businesses is to make a profit. The amount of profit is represented by the increase in the net assets (total assets less total liabilities) of the business during the time the profit was earned. The aim is that those assets will eventually be converted to cash which will enable distributions […]

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Could your business survive without you?

Your business must be independent of anyone individual if you want your business to thrive in the marketplace on a long-term basis. The most effective way you can grow your business is by removing yourself from the daily operations and focusing your time on developing strategies to elevate and move your brand forward. However, you […]

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